Storage Services

Ramsey Legacy has partnered with over 15+ self-storage companies around the Asheville, NC area. We have multiple solutions for your storage needs. We work directly with self-storage companies to get you the best deal and will assist you with pickup and storage of about any item you might want to purchase or move from your house/business.

Current Storage Rates:

Unit Size Non-Climate (Outdoor) Climate Controlled (Indoor)
10×10 $100/m $135/m
10×15 $130/m $170/m
10×20 $165/m $210/m
All of the storage units we use are limited access in a secure facility or fenced in facility with heavy duty locks on each unit.
We recommend not storing items longer than a month in a non-climated controlled unit because of the humidity that can damage furniture over long periods of time.


Visit our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) if you have a question about our services. If you need a quote/estimate, or have a question not covered in our FAQ contact us at the following:

Call or Text (fastest response) (828) 844-0408