Getting Ready – Move

Thank you for the opportunity to help you with your upcoming move. Below is some information that might help assist you with your move.


Are You Feeling Stressed/Overwhelmed?


Ramsey Legacy Moving Checklist


Packing Your Items

Please note Ramsey Legacy Moving is not responsible for owner-packed boxes. We suggest you follow these guidelines to ensure your boxes are prepared properly. Please also box your TVs/paintings/wall art as we are not responsible for damages to these items that are not properly boxed. 

When packing follow these dos and don ts:


-Sort by room (bedroom #1, kitchen, master bath, etc)

-Pack unneeded items first

-Schedule multiple days to pack boxes. If you get frustrated/overwhelmed set a goal of so many boxes a day.

-Ensure the box weight rating will hold the contents of the box. Putting too much weight will cause the box to fail and potentially spill the contents to the ground.

-Make sure there is no space in the box, fill it with peanuts/wadded-up packing paper or other things to keep items in the box from moving.

-Tape down the seam of the box multiple times with good-quality packing tape. You can also do perpendicular seams to make sure your tape holds. (With box flaps then across box flaps making a +).

-Purchase or use double-walled boxes.

-Box your TVs/paintings/wall art.

-Label your boxes especially if greater care is needed with them (use color tape/tags to indicate rooms at a quick glance as black marker blends in with 100s of boxes during a move).

-Take extra time wrapping breakables.

-No wiggle room or loose items when you shake the box


-Pack heavy items with breakables

-Be in a rush to pack boxes


-Just throw random items into the box

-Not mark or label the boxes

-Go over the weight limit of the box

-Pack half-empty boxes (as this will take up more room of the moving truck than needed)

Purchasing/Collecting Materials

New Packing Materials (Preferred Solution)

Ramsey Legacy is able to provide materials when needed!

Lowes Home Improvement

Home Depot

Local Storage Businesses (Larger Franchises)


Free Packing Materials

Large Boxes

Facebook Marketplace – Search Moving Boxes (Can Make Search Alerts)

Local Craigslist – Free Section (Can Make Search Alerts)

Local Ingles – Vegetable/Fruit Boxes (Ask Produce)

Small Boxes

ABC Stores – Liquor Boxes

Ingles – Dairy Section/Recycling Area

Packing Materials

Recycling Centers

Newspaper Companies

Donating/Selling Items


Start listing items as soon as you can to avoid having to pay movers to move unwanted items or no longer needed items.


Visit our list of local donation centers in Madison/Buncombe/Henderson County. Schedule donations as soon as you can as free pickup services book fast with these companies and sometimes they cannot accept local drop-offs the week of your move: Donations

Junk/Packing Material Removal Services

We now offer trash removal services. Please use the following link to see our rates and the services we offer in regards: Click me!