COVID-19 Information

Ramsey Legacy Moving is dedicated to serving as safe as possible during the COVID-10 (coronavirus) outbreak.

The steps and precautions we have been taking to prevent the spread:

  • Staff constantly washing hands, sanitizing when possible, not shaking hands, coughing only into elbows.
  • Rotating working staff to check for any symptoms.
  • Staying home and keeping a safe distance from others.
  • Asking and gathering information from all our clients about any illness they may be experiencing.
  • Wearing a face mask while working. During high intensity activities (moving/heavy objects) workers will remove mask to obtain air to breath. We ask you stay at least six feet away to minimize contact during this time. 

If you have any special requests we would be happy to accommodate if possible. Just give us a call or text. Please limited distance with staff and have everything as ready as possible to limit the length needed for deliveries. We are encouraging contactless payments if possible with Venmo (no fee if linked to a bank account) and Credit/Paypal (4% convenience fee associated).

Thank you for choosing Ramsey Legacy Moving for your delivery and moving needs!