Local Guide

New to the area or want to explore some cool places to eat and shop? Ramsey Legacy has put together a list of our favorite shops to explore along with great places to shop or eat. You can also follow us on Facebook/Instagram for stories from the road and discounts from us.

You can also bookmark our page so in the future you can reference it at any time. Please let us know if any information is not accurate.



Restoration Hardware Outlet (We Deliver)

(828) 665-3097


Nadeau (We Deliver)

Ryan Reynolds (828) 774-5621



West Elm Outlet (We Deliver)

(828) 665-2168



Reliks Home and Garden (We Deliver)

-Looking for a legend in the Antique community? Look no further than my mother Lisa Ramsey. With over 25+ years in the antique market she has a mix between new and older treasures that will fit in any home.

(828) 380-3352

Directions to Booth at Antique Tobacco Barn (Booth LDR)

Directions to Mars Hill, NC Location (By Appointment)

ScreenDoor (We Deliver)

(828) 277-3667


Antique Tobacco Barn (We Deliver)

-10% off Cash or Check over $25 not marked “Firm or No Discount (ND)

-Accepts offers on items over $100. Cash/Check speaks more to the dealers and try not to ask more than 30% or you risk insulting the dealer.

(828) 252-7291


Old Town Salvage Company (We Deliver/They Also Deliver)

-Locally sourced and collected salvage woods, reclaimed items from the area. Talk to the Sherrif of Old Town Salvage the man himself Bradley Barrett.


(828) 216-7175


Cool Salvage (We Deliver)

-Located in the Antique Tobacco Barn, Oddfellows. Jeff is a king in his domain with beautifully sourced European antique items. Jeff had selected his items and transports them all the way from PA.


Directions to Booth at Antique Tobacco Barn (Booth AE1)

(724) 746-4301


Bittersweet Antiques (Swannanoa, NC)

-Explored a beautifully local antique shop with great finds here in the Swannona Area.


Bryants Antique Mall (Otto, NC)

-Looking for a place to find some beautiful antiques and save some money? Travel here and explore two huge stores of stuff! The owners are very welcoming and the dealers have a wonderful selection of stuff.


Culpeppers Architectrual Salvage (Otto, NC)

-One word “Awesome!”. If you are heading to Atlanta, GA or in this area of NC stop and explore this sanctuary of salvaged items.


Taco Temple

Little Pigs BBQ


El Que Pasa

Avenue M

Twisted Laurel

Apollo Flame


Wicked Weed (All)

High Wire (IPAs, Sours)

New Belgium (Lager, IPA)

Hickory Nut Gorge (Stouts, Porters)

Ginger’s Revenge (Ginger Beers, All Mixed Ginger Drinks)

Local AirBnbs/Rentals

Urban Nest

Lynne and Steve (828) 777-7073


-Cottage at Sleepy Gap (My Favorite)

-The Original Urban Nest

-Drover’s Way

-The Nest On Broadway


The Montford Jewel


Hearth and Home Rentals AVL

-Courtney has hand selected some of the best places to rent in the local area. Know for her designing she has teamed up together with some of the best places in Asheville to rent.

Courtney Hinton (215) 595-4768 or hearthandhomeavl@gmail.com


Local Designers

Elite Interior Design (We Can Assist In Staging/Pickup/Moving)

-Anthony is the man! With a keen eye for different layouts and designs, he can make your home into a beautifully designed showcase that you will love to show your friends and family. Taking in your thoughts and feeling on what you want in your home he can create a work of art that will be sure to impress your company.

Anthony (828) 713-5377 or Email: loweanthony90@yahoo.com


Hearth and Home Interiors (We Can Assist In Staging/Pickup/Moving)

-Courtney Hinton is one of the best in the local area and has a keen eye for antique and vintage items for your home. Hire one of the best in the area to help design your home.

Courtney Hinton (215) 595-4768 or hearthandhomeavl@gmail.com


Camp Branch (We Can Assist In Staging/Pickup/Moving)

-Cody Frisbee has a passion for design and rare finds. You can see some of his work in the Antique Tobacco Barn (ask at the front desk). He is also a great fabricator and creates most of his beautiful items himself.


blu29 (denim and home decor)

Leeann Mayes/Heather Stefani

(828) 458-8445/(203) 727-0037


Nick Hinton (Carolina Green Realty)

(818) 441-1231


Collin O’Berry (Keller Williams Realty)



Dayna Pelle (Beverly Hanks)

(828) 712-5807


Lee Blair (Beverly Hanks) (Hendersonville, NC)

(828) 414-1984

Antique/Furniture Repair

Furniture Repair Works, LLC (we can assist with pickup/delivery)

-Joe McCarson (828) 670-7764 (Shop)/ (828) 273-6102 (Cell)


Barnhardt’s Restorations, INC (we can assist with pickup/delivery)

-Gary Barnhardt (828) 687-9930 (Shop)/ (828) 691-9196 (Cell)


Asheville, NC

-Craggy Gardens

-Blue Ridge Parkway


Brevard, NC

-Du Point National Park

Highlands, NC

-Dry Falls


Boone, NC


Spruce Pine, NC

-Carolina Hemlocks